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report on 2007 north uk trip before i

read the report on 2007 north uk trip before i forget all the details discussion from the chowhound restaurants uk food community. join the discussion today.

miracle biofuel plant jatropha reveals its achilles heel

jatropha a hardy drought resistant plant that grows oil-heavy fruit was supposed to be the salvation of the biodiesel industry. the plant which was targeted for an $80 million pilot project by

chocolate extravaganza

from choosing it as a wall color to using it as an accent on your favorite chair chocolate is a color that can set a mood from dramatic to cozy and stephen showed how. provided many of the

kurt cobain death scene photos

cobain's suicide note was on top of a planter in the greenhouse with a pen stuck through the center of the note. credit: seattle police department. kurt cobain death scene photos. an exterior

google tango phone the asus zenfone ar wants to bend

phones why the asus zenfone ar will bend your reality. depth-sensing cameras and high-end specs add up to a lot of android potential. if only there were more ar/vr apps.

ep. 1384: iphone 4 on verizon and the ces hailstorm of

no time for a ces hangover although we really needed it because verizon is hitting us hard with the iphone 4 announcement first thing in the morning but thank goodness they announced the

know your peppers

it is a large sweet red pepper similar to a bell but with an extra-thick juicy wall. the skin comes off easily so this is an ideal pepper for roasting. its also great to eat with dip. the skin comes off easily so this is an ideal pepper for roasting.

kraft heinz offers to buy unilever for $143 billion

coca-cola co. general mills inc. kellogg co. and pepsico inc. under pressure from wall street have all slashed costs and are trying to find products that suit the fickle and shifting

ep. 95: amd kills ati; apple event predictions; and video

on this week's episode we mourn the death of a gpu giant as parent company amd prepares to kill off the ati brand. then we make our predictions for this week's upcoming apple event and check