one way spanning hollow pot floor

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hollow fragment farming

from here on start using 1 hide pot per floor. your 10 hide pots will be enough to reach floor 125 from this point. after activating a hide pot find the teleport stone immediately. you can grab some chests on your way if your confident that you can find the teleport stone before the buffs wears off.

clifton suspension bridge tour

a masterpiece of british engineering the clifton suspension bridge towers over the rover avon in bristol england. join cnet for a tour on the bridge and in the caves underneath.

louise slaughter

vinton once described the quality of bringing clay to life one frame at a time to cbs' "48 hours": "you see the material move you see the stuff kind of come to life the way flesh comes to life."

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remote control of your home's lights by way of a smartphone app or a physical remote is one thing but being able to dim the lights up and down with a simple voice command takes the convenience

clifton suspension bridge tour

the clifton bridge's total length is 1352 feet but its center span or the only portion suspended over the river gorge is 702 feet. the deck is 245 feet above the avon at high tide but the

essential skills at the beginning

also visit the hollow area a lot. it's a great way to get lots of exp for yourself and skills.i'm only on floor 78 and am at lv165 already with full mastery of all weapons. the ha has extremely powerful enemies. earlier today a group of 7 trees and 2 mid-boss trees at lv180-200 nearly wrecked me because aggro'ing one aggro'd the others even at the other side of the field but the exp from

full transcript: face the nation on january 21 2019

domenech: i think this is the perfect way to end the first year of the trump presidency which is that this is a tale of two presidencies in the sense that on the one hand if you had rewound the

woodberry kitchen

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the 10 worst presidents

is george w. bush's presidency shaping up to be one of the worst in u.s. history? you hear the question being asked more and more these days. and more and more you hear the same answer.

treasure chests locations and items

note 3: from what i have seen so far the chests seem to resemble hollow fragment in that the red chests are weapons and the blue chests are either pots or WPC although compared to hollow fragment where getting pots was the norm and you had to farm for gear alot it seems you get the gear alot easier in this game i have not listed both pot and WPC drop from each blue chest i mean come

veneer planks

neonwarrior1243 posted if you go ikegara wanoki kami ikedoi kankamata or hyakudori kami ikedoi kankamata and then follow the the way through the rooms to get back to kankamata they'll only be one way besides going back the way you came one of the rooms had 4-5 on the floor in it.

rex tillerson confirmation hearing for secretary of state

rex tillerson president-elect donald trumps pick for secretary of state is testifying before the senate foreign relations committee at his confirmation hearing. sen. bob corker r-tennessee


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