building wood floor stairs outside

how do i build stairs?

make sure you have enough space for the entire staircase. make sure no objects are in the way of the path of the staircase. if you are using the connecting stairs the ones that build not the one that is a one storey object and you want it to go from floor 1 to floor 2 you need to build it on the second floor.

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ladders stairs? nothing?

i think the 'best' stairs are in the floors category though there's a staircase that has a little platform at the bottom and top that are good for internal stairs it's also good as a way onto the roof of the house in sanctuary.

how can i add a staircase leading to the upper floor from

also there is no way to make a hole in the living room or garage floor to allow the stairs to lead 2 the upper level from the lower one. i was never good at building in this game. is there some way to fix this or will i have to build it as an added on room on the street level? right now my sims can't reach the basement at all as there is no door to the outside since it's underground. user

how do i delete stairs?

there are two types of stairs - connecting stairs that are built and a one storey stairway that is an object. the one you're trying to delete is probably an object so have you tried picking it up with the hand tool in buy or build mode and deleting it?

quieting squeaky floors/what is it?/building

tom goes to chicago to help a viewer fix the squeaky floors in his fifth-floor apartment by using a special screw with a "break-away" head.

getting an npc to live on the second floor of a house

well i built my building like so sq room door platform door sq room 5 or so floors of this enamys cant get in except bosses/goblin army as far as i know as for your issue if the rooms liveable theres a option in menu that shows npc unlocked ect on this screen options in controls are show flag shows were what npc room is whos cheek if its

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important: can't figure out how to make stairs? :

i'll assume you have found the stairs tool in the build menu if not it's hidden as the steps at the front of the floor/wall section. it's really small. it's really small. you have to build upto or atleast remove the roof from the floor above to get the stairs to work.

base building

the stairs will also now remain if you delete the floor piece they were attached to so creative possibilities are greater now. if you like the old look of connecting to the cuboid shape you can still get it. just takes the right combination of "build add and delete" steps to get there. do things right and you can have the interior stairs outside now.

so building is kind of a pain

the thing that irks me most about building is the need to build on a foundation. i tried to build a house that covers both ends of that acid river and had to keep reconfiguring because they wouldnt let me put in floor tiles because it was too deep.

how the hell do i make a seamless two story house

lay down the floor and then remove a floor section for the stairs listed under wooden floors. then put another floor attached to the top part of the stairs. don't put the floor that specifically says its for the second floor or it'll have a weird dip and screw things up. just do the flat floor that is a single wooden piece. i can't stress enough that the one that has two layers is the wrong

plans to build stairs

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stairway to red rocket roof

build something to get you up there then put a starting floor where you want the stair to come down. when you attach the second stair to the bottom to finish it the second stair will clip into the ground giving you a stairway with perfect height.