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after reading if you’d like a furniture paint “cheat sheet” with all the information in this post in a very truncated (but printable!) version just sign up to receive my newsletter. i hope this post is informative and helpful! latex paint. overview: latex paint is the type of paint you can buy from any hardware store. it’s water-based and comes in a variety of sheens ranging from flat to gloss.

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furniture can be tricky to paint at times especially the laminate coated pieces but when done the right way can make such a huge difference (you can see for yourself by viewing some of my projects here).

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10 tips for painting furniture with latex paint mark and i have painted many a furniture piece using latex paint though none as challenging as the roll-top desk . having conquered this one though i thought it might be useful to share some of our tips and tricks for working with this fantastic medium.

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my mother had a beautiul bedroom suite but it was badly scarred from years of storage. i painted that furniture black and with the cranberry walls and white woodwork it is the most beautiful room in the house. even the boys approved when they came for a visit. like you i love spray paint. everything can look better with a fresh coat of paint.

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get rid of all the dust you just sanded off. paint with a quality brush and flat paint. let dry. repeat step 3. optional: distress edges if desired using sandpaper. wax or finish with finishing paste and a clean cloth. i used miss mustard seed’s furniture wax and antiquing wax because i really like it and had some on hand.

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i love metallic paint. you can use it in any room of the house. you can dress it up and you can also use it in a comfy cozy casual room. the piece above is painted with martha stewart special metals and they don’t make it any more.

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latex paint is available in a wide range of colors. it comes in different finishes such as flat satin semi-gloss and high-gloss. flat paint is an option for furniture if you want a matte effect but satin and semi-gloss are more common.

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a fresh coat of paint gives wood furniture a brand new look but the type of paint you choose can make or break the project. the best paint depends on how you use the furniture and the type of finish or style you want to achieve.

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oh now i am so sad. following instructions for painting bedroom furniture i bought flat paint and semi-gloss poly. i have already done 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of the flat paint (gliddon’s white on white). ugh. would you use the wax on flat paint or should i use the poly? fyi it does need one more coat of paint.

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much like other paint spray paint has several different finish options from flat to high gloss. be sure to select the finish to fit your needs. for furniture the higher the gloss the easier it ...

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for flat surfaces apply paint using a 4-inch foam roller taking care to avoid drips around the edges. if you mix brushes and rollers check that the surfaces will look the same after the paint levels and dries by inspecting your work in the angled light as you go.

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how to paint furniture matte black. choose your black paint color. i used black bean from heirloom traditions. it’s a beautiful deep black and will give you a super matte finish. another favorite of mine is lamp black. from general finishes milk paint but even with a flat topcoat (i’ll get to that soon) it isn’t as matte of a look as the heirloom traditions option.

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painting furniture can be a fickle process: chipping bubbling brush marks and uneven coverage are just a few of the problems that can affect the quality of your paint job. ensure that you're using the best paint for your project by factoring in the material you plan to paint the look you want to achieve and how often and for what purpose the furniture is used.

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once i paint i seal with a water based poly (usually in a satin or gloss finish but you can also use a flat finish for less sheen) to add durability to the paint. so the final sheen/finish depends on what you use to seal the paint.

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you can use a paint sprayer or even regular spray paint (just get a decent brand!) a brush or roller. i usually use a small foam roller on the main parts of the furniture and a brush in the hard to reach crevices painting the crevices first.

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how to paint over laminate. 1. begin by sanding the laminate. be sure to use the correct protective gear (a mask and safety glasses). i personally take a 150 grit piece of sandpaper and sand the whole top in a circular motion. you can also take an electric sander to the piece.

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if you have a small amount of paint left over you can easily repurpose it and use it to paint wood furniture. enhancing old furniture around your house with your leftover supply of paint is a great way to reduce waste while adding colorful accents to your home’s décor.