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speaker reviews

the google home mini stands tall as one of the best affordable smart speakers out there along with the amazon echo dot but it doesn't do enough to supplant the dot at the top of the list. $75.99

kef q350 review: a not-so-quiet achiever

a forward-sounding system like the elacs sound best with a beefy amp and steady diet of well-produced recordings. but with a pair of the kef q350s in your system you can also enjoy sebadoh katy

as samsung galaxy s8 launches did note 7 blow-up change

months after the galaxy note 7 debacle the topic remains too hot for the rest of the wireless industry to handle. with samsung's galaxy s8 to launch next week a renewed discussion of the note 7

the biggest buildings in the world ranked

6 floor area : beijing capital international airport terminal 3 10.6 million square feet added in 2008 for the summer olympics this terminal at a chinese airport is the second largest in the world.

the biggest 5g breakthrough may be this harmless little

phones leer en español the biggest 5g breakthrough may be this harmless little plastic strip. ericsson is working on an antenna that could be placed under carpets or hung on walls.

ue wonderboom review

the good the wonderboom is compact fully waterproof plays very loud for its size with a good amount of bass for its small size. it also floats in water is shock resistant and has decent battery

homeboy review: homeboy isn't just another dropcam pro

the good homeboy is a reasonably-priced rechargeable diy security camera designed to last for months on a single charge. the bad it doesn't have live-streaming capabilities or hd video quality.

led buying guide

hubs like those are your best bet at building your own elaborate smart home setup with different kinds of products from different brands all working together. however if that sounds like too

canary flex review: this is what a smart security camera

the good canary's $199/£159 flex installs fast it's well designed and its app is easy to navigate. it's also a highly versatile camera that can watch over your house from pretty much anywhere.

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from lights locks and cameras to security systems sleep trackers and smart kitchen tech cnet is your home for the best reviews news and how-to guidance on the net. cnet best products