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a: the safety of pressure treated lumber for raised bed gardens has been examined by several researchers. from what i've seen the consensus is that the chemicals do leach out of the wood into the soil and are uptaken by the plants in very small amounts.

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regular lumber begins to break down within the first year if it comes in contact with the soil so many gardeners used to use pressure treated wood for gardening such as landscape timbers and railroad ties which is chemically treated to withstand the weather.

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if you still feel uncomfortable using newer pressure-treated wood line the entire bed with heavy plastic to keep the soil from touching the lumber. also mulch your garden regularly.

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the epa considers wood infused with alkaline copper quaternary acq to be safe for food crops but if you use this pressure-treated wood you may want to line the bed interior with landscape

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using pressure treated lumber in raised garden bedsbackyard gardening blog pressure treated wood in a garden bed? have to take apart the huge box garden

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is treated wood safe in the vegetable garden? standard. raised vegetable bed with treated wood. photo: joe mabel wikimedia commons.

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wood garden boxes serve as the base for a container garden. for this reason purchase treated lumber if you plan to construct a wood garden box. if you purchase a wood garden box make sure it is made of materials that will last for a long time.

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can you use pressure treated wood to build raised beds? the pros and cons of using pressure treated wood in the garden. more raised garden bed videos: https:

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can you use pressure treated wood in a vegetable garden? after my last several posts on building a raised bed vegetable garden a few loyal readers wrote to ask if using pressure treated lumber is okay in a vegetable garden.

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if you choose to use cca-treated wood for gardening purposes do not allow sawdust or wood scraps to fall onto garden beds and do not put cca sawdust in your compost pile. cover cca-treated wood used for raised garden beds or borders with heavy plastic to prevent contact with garden soil.

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you can isolate pressure-treated wood by lining the inside of a bed with heavy plastic to prevent leaching of chemicals from the wood into the soil. top your bed with boards of untreated lumber to make a flat top to sit on and to avoid contact with the wood particularly if you have cca-treated wood in your garden.

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a raised garden bed is a perfect solution. here's how to make one. how to build a raised garden bed. creosote-treated wood is not a good option for vegetable

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are old tires or treated wood safe to use in gardens? anyway the 4x4x 18 deep planter boxes i made last year were of the treated lumber type with the

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neither result is desirable so cooper does not consider pressure-treated wood suitable for making compost bins although he doesnt object to using it in gardens. finished compost has a near-neutral ph so adding compost to cca-framed beds isnt a problem.

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is it safe to use treated wood in planter boxes? signed specifically state on the pesticide label that they are not suitable for garden applications where fruit or vegetables will be grown.

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wood treated with chromated copper arsenate or cca can leach toxic arsenic into soil that may be taken up by the plants grown in that soil. cca-treated wood should not be used for garden beds

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thanks---karen and cr in bingham maine a. organic gardening campned heavily to make home owners aware of the dangers posed by old-school cca chromium copper and arsenic treated wood back when i was the magazine's editor in the 1990s.

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these days there are plenty of other materials in lieu of wood treated with suspect chemicals like arsenic to make raised vegetable gardens including microshade treated wooden sleepers that are deemed safe for vegetable gardens and children's play areas but are still pest resistant sustainable and reasonably priced.

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the seven trust carries a raised garden kit that is made out of cedar and is made in the uk. there is also a cedar 2ft x 2ft kit that is made form 2 x 6 wood. there is also a raised garden bed that is made from recycled plastic. it is very durable and will not rot. pressure treated lumber is not meant to be used in an edible garden.

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yes the "new" pressure treated wood is safe for use for raised garden frames with a few precautions up until 2003 the most common preservative used for pressure treated wood was chromated copper arsenate cca a compound using arsenic as its primary rot protectant.

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the best woods to use for raised garden beds. best type of wood to use for their planter boxes and raised garden beds. that tracks the durability of treated

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note: yellawood brand products are treated with a micronized copper wood preservative and are approved for use in applications such as a raised vegetable bed. learn more here . before you get started please read our info on safety fasteners and building tips .

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wood is a very versatile material for vegetable gardens. whether it is used to create raised beds the edges of paths or a frame for protective netting wood is the natural choice for many gardeners.

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this deep penetration of the preservatives is what keeps the pressure treated wood from rotting longer than lumber treated with a topical sealant. pressure treated lumber is used for fence posts garden beds decking playground equipment and many other structures that are either partially below ground or have significant exposure to the elements.

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pressure-treated wood is an alternative to naturally decay-resistant woods but should not be used in vegetable gardens because some types of pressure-treated wood contain arsenic.

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is pressure treated wood safe as a raised garden bed? and more gardening q and a 11:32 is it safe to use pressure treated wood for a raised bed garden? way to keep cats from using a raised bed