security fence spikes

uk man charged after trying to jump white house fence

just last week the national park service and secret service announced plans to install temporary half-inch steel spikes atop the white house fence in an effort to reduce breaches of the white

peaceful events heavy security mark anniversary of deadly

concrete barriers and metal fences had been erected and police searched bags at two checkpoints. "it's nice that they're here to protect us" said lara mitchell 66 who works at a shop selling

hundreds of migrants in u.s.-bound caravan cross uk

hundreds of migrants have already crossed some legally some not. it's unclear whether any have simply turned back. members of the migrant caravan burst through a guatemalan border fence on

obama administration ends high-tech border fence

washington - the obama administration on friday ended a high-tech border fence project that cost taxpayers nearly $1 billion but did little to improve security.

prosecutors recommend 21 months prison for white house

federal prosecutors are recommending 21 months of prison time for omar gonzalez the man who jumped the white house fence last september and made it well into the executive mansion before he was

u.s. fires tear gas across mexican border to thwart

tijuana uk-- u.s. authorities fired tear gas into uk during the first hours of the new year to repel about 150 migrants who tried to breach the border fence in tijuana. u.s. customs and

white house fence jumper arrested "immediately"

spikes to be installed on the white house fence. the agency has been beset by a series of security lapses including an incident last sept. 19 in which authorities said a man with a knife jumped a

government shutdown 2019: government shutdown amid border

the post office stayed open for mailing last-minute gifts and transportation security administration tsa agents remain on the job so air travel should continue unimpeded.

drunk man dies after he falls from tree gets impaled on

los angeles-- los angeles police say a man was killed when he fell out of a tree and impaled himself on the spikes of a metal fence after a night of heavy drinking.

google plus shutting down after security glitch exposes up

news of the security woes at google plus -- and the company's failure to disclose them in a timely manner -- sent shares of alphabet were down $9.35 or 0. 8 percent to $1148.00 on monday.

second layer of steel spikes to be added white house fence

the 1/2-inch long steel "pencil point" spikes will be snapped into place at the top of the fence and protrude outward according to a diagram included in the proposal submitted for the secret

stocks up: dow soars more than 1000 points s and p 500 sees

the white house said he'll reject any deal that doesn't include funding for a border wall or a fence. the democrats have opposed this and are offering $1.3 billion for new security spending. the

border patrol suicide rate spikes

but stepped-up border security - including 600 miles of fence and an even larger "virtual" fence that is monitored online - have reduced the number of illegal crossings as has the economic

white house lockdown lifted after fence-jumper captured

one of the steps announced earlier this year included installing temporary "anti-climb" spikes to the top of the white house fence specifically to discourage such breeches.

house democrats will try to reopen the government

the package will include one bill to temporarily fund the department of homeland security at current levels with $1.3 billion for border security through feb. 8 while talks continue.