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roof the other side of the porch in the same way installing the step flashing as you go. at the peak cut and bend the piece over the peak exactly as was done on the other side.

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step flashing steps up a roof to protect where the roof meets the side walls of dormers chimneys and some skylights. it consists of a series of right-angled metal pieces; each section is worked into a course of shingles so that it overlaps the section beneath it.

4. attach roof flashing. if necessary shift the roof flashing slightly in the roof opening so that the assembly is in good alignment with the furnace. press down firmly over the caulking on the roof flashing to make the seal watertight with the roof. secure the flashing with appropriate fasteners.

how roof flashing works - home improvement ideas and answers

although roof flashing is occasionally fabricated from plastic roofing felt or rubber it is usually made of rust- resistant metalgalvanized steel aluminum or copper. galvanized sheet metal is most common but aluminum and copper find occasional use in specialty situations.

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cut the flashing with tin snips if you need to cut it. use a metal break tool to bend the flashing according to the angle of the roof joint. flashing is generally 8 inches wide with 4 inches going on the wall of the house and 4 inches going on the top of the roof shingles. you need to make a bend of 10 degrees one half inch from the edge.

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2.1 on a mobile home there can be a furnace stack one hot water heater stack one or two small soil pipes depending upon the number of bathrooms and an exhaust vent from the kitchen and bathroom. another penetration may include a roof mounted power line pole that will require a special roofwrap retrofit pipe boot.

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mobile home size: 12 x 60 a rounded aluminum roof all aluminum siding and located in a trailer park in city limits. the existing wooden deck size: l 24.7 ft w 10 ft h 31 in. with no handicap ramp attached and is not the full length of the mobile home. hope all this helps.

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the gibraltar bonderized drip edge flashing is galvanized the gibraltar bonderized drip edge flashing is galvanized steel that has been treated to promote better paint adhesion. this drip edge flashing provides protection from water damage along the eaves and rake of a roof.

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there is no flashing but the mobile roof does hang over the corrugated roof by several inches. thanks on the tip about black asphalt sealants henry 209 is a black asphalt sealant and it seems to be what henry says is best.

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joining porch roof to mobile home. which is to say that the porch roof would not be a free-standing structure--no inner row of posts up by the house. the house is anchored to the property per fha requirements and is certified as such and the porch is anchored by two rows of concrete pilings set 2' into the ground

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once you pick a day follow these simple steps to add a deck to your mobile home. before you start attaching a deck to your mobile home thoroughly clean the deck surface as well as the exterior wall. it is critical that both surfaces are free of dirt mold grease wood fragments and mildew.

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how 2 build a flat roof over an existing wooden deck on a mobile home i am wanting to put a flat roof over an existing wood deck on my dad's mobile home. not sure on the best and cheapest way to do this.

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how 2 build a flat roof over an existing wooden deck on a mobile use posts next to the home and attach the roof joists to them much the same way that you would build a free standing arbor.

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step 5. build the roof for the porch onto the exterior wall of the mobile home. attach a 2 x 6 ledger board to the studs on the wall using lag bolts. the ledger board should be about 1 1/2 inches below the roof line of the mobile home.

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mobile home deck roof attaching - carpentry - diy chatroom i recently built a deck off the front of my mobile home its 16 x 9 and i want to put a roof over it. i am planning a 18 x 10 frame with 2 x 6 and plywood. plus shingles.

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mobile flashing software travel communications home software internet software digital photo flashings while on the roof.start exact flashing photos: solar decathlon start your houses many of the homes in the solar decathlon used relatively new green technologies its design includes a roof deck.

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mobile home flashing causes leaks a newly delivered to the sales lot oakwood home. same oakwood home. the felt comes down from the lower corner of the window. this is the rear of the same oakwood home. notice the corner of the window to the left. a closer look at the left widow. they aren't likely to correct this.

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rv roof repair flat roof repair mobile home roof repair metal roof repair steel roof repair tile roof repair rubber roof repair and repair of roof shingles all suffer from the same problem - leaks eventually occur and are difficult and expensive to repair. eternabond adheres to most surfaces

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they will typically be self-flashing or one solid piece that is sealed to the roofs deck with the shingles or metal laid over it. glass and acrylic skylights weight is a big factor for mobile home roofs so glass skylights will likely need additional support.

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step 3. once the rafters have been loaded on top of the roof they are ready to be nailed together. 2 x 4s should be attached to each end of the mobile homes roof. the rafters will be nailed to these 2 x 4s.

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a shed-type or flat roof design may be perfect for porch designs for mobile homes having either very low roof clearances or for those with strht roof lines. it allows for maximum use of head room yet maintains openness. see how the flat roof gives you maximum space.

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how to repair leaks on mobile homes with older metal roofs using sta-kool elastomeric products. mobile home roof repairs southport nc - duration: 6:55.