beach house plans with rooftop decks philadelphia

homes: what you can buy for $3 million

the house has an open-air roof deck a three-car garage wood floors patterned tile floors a fireplace and stainless steel appliances. charleston south carolina photo courtesy of zillow

notorious prisons offer halloween thrills

house democrats have been stonewalled over the last two years when it came to subpoenas on various trump administration dealings. but now democrats have the majority and elijah cummings plans to

architect picks for the 14 best homes of the year

what makes a house award-worthy? each year the ukn institute of architects recognizes some of the best housing designs from across the country. katherine williams an architect based in

watch house hunters season 97 episode 9: twenty-something

a philadelphia twentysomething searches for a classic row house or condo to share with a friend. top on her must-have list is a large rooftop deck or patio so she can host lots of parties

10 homes you can buy for $10 million

the 17597-square-foot house sits on 8.5 acres of land and has an in-home theater game room bar fire pit and pool. the estate's eight acres also provide access to two lakes with a dock for

incredible waterfront homes

incredible waterfront homes. this eight-bedroom 10-bathroom house isn't located on just any beach -- it's on the pacific ocean in hawaii. it features an extensive two-level indoor/outdoor lounge

melrose place

ryan learns sarah's whereabouts and sends her to the beach house to stay with kyle. lexi tries to win sarah's favor through bribery. sarah encourages ryan to repair his relationship with megan.