what to use to cover a wooden floor

tips on keeping furniture from scratching wood floors

use an area rug. one way to help prevent scratching or gouging is to use an area rug. by keeping all of your furniture on top of a rug youll easily avoid scratches and damage to the wood flooring. in addition to preserving your cheap wood floor you can also add some style to your room or with a colorful rug.

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covering nail holes in wood floors when refinishing is a process that always requires you to keep a few key things in mind. cover nail holes in wood floors when refinishing with help from a

gym floor covers for cheap wood floors and polyurethane floors

before you hold a special event on your cheap wood or polyurethane floor protect it from damage with a gym floor cover. after the event simply vacuum or spot-clean then roll it up and store the rack in a closet or out of the way storage room. custom-flocked logos are also available upon request these are not screen-painted we actually use a process that applies colored flocking directly to the carpeted surface for durability and great looks.

best color stain to cover pet stains : cheap wood floor finishing

a complete match cannot be obtained from merely water-popping because the urine has not only opened the wood grain but has also changed the color of the wood chemically. maybe some sort of dilute acidic solution could be used on the floor instead of water to get a closer match.

5 tips for protecting cheap wood floors during a move

use a ram board or other floor protection roll. ram board is designed to provide heavy-duty protection for contractors so you can bet that it will keep your floors safe from movers and furniture. along with other kinds of floor protection rolls it is designed to be applied to clean floors prior to the move and then peeled off once youre finished.

how to protect cheap wood floors from furniture

use furniture pads. cover the feet on furniture with pads to create a layer of protection between the furniture and cheap wood floors. a number of types of pads are available including tap-on slip-on and stick-on. tap-on or nail-on pads attach to furniture legs with a small tack or nail.

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how to paint wood floors. make sure your floor hasnt been waxed before painting and remove the wax if it has. follow these steps when painting a floor: step 1: rough surface: using a square pad sander or by hand rough up the finish on the floor with 150-grit sandpaper. you dont need to completely sand them

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ordinary man hitting a cheap wood floor with a mallet. you can find latex floor filler in a range of colors at any store that sells flooring materials and it's the default choice of flooring professionals. you can use this type of filler for spot filling nail holes and gaps as well as for filling an entire floor prior to sanding.

how to cover scratches on cheap wood flooring

mineral spirits. one relatively quick way to cover light scratches is by applying some mineral spirits to them. first youll have to do some light sanding to remove the finish on the wood and sand down the scratch. use a soft steel wool pad and be sure to sand with the grain along the scratch and not against it.

gaps they are there for a very good reason wood you like

gaps everywhere * stair: if the stair carpet isnt thick enough to cover the gap most professional carpet fitters will double-back the carpet at the bottom of the stair giving you twice the thickness of the carpet you either install a flat beading on the floor or use mastic filler curved stairs come to mind .

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how to cover a wood floor paint. bare and finished wood floors can be covered with water- or oil-based primer and floor paint tile or stone. if the wood floor is sturdy you can cover it with tile stone or even brick veneer. laminate. laminate floors are installed in a floating system which

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wood floor types. an additional material that can be used as either a covering or solid flooring is wood. wood floor covering that is not permanently installed include wood tiles and engineered wood. wood tiles connect together with tabs at the edge like puzzle pieces making them easy to install.

how to paint wood floors - dummies

how to paint wood floors 1 gather your materials. youll need a stir sticks a couple of 2-1/2-inch synthetic angled sash 2 cut in the edges of your room with your primer. 3 roll on the primer. use an extension pole to help you to roll the primer on the floor. 4 cut in the edges of your room

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plugging holes in wood floors is easier than you think. with the proper tools and materials you can fill those unsightly holes in your wood floors in just a few minutes.

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for wide gouges use wood filler. if the scratches in your wood floor are really more like gouges your first step should be to use a wood filler to fill in the gaps before applying stain and finish. heres our guide on how to properly use wood filler. photo: welzevoul/shutterstock

prepping a plywood subfloor for cheap wood or laminate flooring

prepping a plywood subfloor is crucial for cheap wood or laminate floors that last. we show you how. this allowance covers imprecise math irregular pieces and

6 items you can use to cover wood scratches

a nut. if you notice a scratch in your wooden floor or furniture try this crafty and delicious solution. find a nut that matches the color of the wood; the most common types for this purpose are pecans walnuts and hazelnuts. rub the scratched area gently with the broken edges of the nutsusing the insides not the shells.

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apply a thin layer of the same sealer used on the rest of the cheap wood floor to the patched area. use either a small natural bristle brush or a lambs wool roller to apply the layer of polyurethane varnish or sealer. allow the sealer a complete 24 hours to dry before any traffic is allowed on the surface.

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how to fix scratched cheap wood floors after recently replacing some furniture in my living room scratches left on the floor from the old furniture were really starting to bother me. there were large sections of white marks that stuck out like a sore thumb all over the place.

4 tips for protecting your cheap wood floors during a move

cover your floors. there are many different types of products that can be used for this purpose. one is homasote 440 a shock absorbing protective mat that you can cut to any shape and keep it for future use. you can also use runners from a company like protective products which roll out flat and cling to your floor with a non-adhesive and slip-resistant backing.

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should we cover cheap wood floors with carpet? p.w. as a design freak i say no get more rugs and padding for under the rugs. l.d. get an area rug. problem solved without a major commitment. j.b. don't do it we have hardwoods everywhere and play with the kids on the living room rug.

how to clean wood floors properly and a diy cleaning mix

how to clean wood floors 1. scuff marks. save your back by cutting an x in the top then slipping it over the end 2. greasy marks. after dust mopping grab a pencil and rub the spot with 3. sticky messes. allow the oil to sit in place for a few minutes 4. water stains. first wait a