build a ultra bench in uk

nvidia geforce gtx 1080 review

for our test bench i'm using a pc equipped with an intel core i7 5930k cpu clocked at 3.5ghz along with 16gb of ram. i've used a wide array of game benchmarks along with some synthetic tests at

best ssds for 2019

the crucial mx200 solid-state drive has a lot to offer including ultra-high endurance and enterprise features rarely seen in consumer-grade ssds. here's cnet's full review. here's cnet's full review.

we built a pc using ps4 pro specs. how does it perform

now that sony has officially unveiled the playstation 4 pro and its specs we have enough information to reasonably build an equivalent gaming pc. this will allow us to gauge approximately how

razer blade pro review: a great 4k gaming laptop -- if you

the keyboard for example uses ultra-low-profile mechanical switches -- a world's first according to razer -- which gives you the clicky response of a full-size gaming keyboard in a mobile design

how graphically demanding is ghost recon: wildlands on pc

even at 1080p ultra settings in ghost recon wildlands is substantially taxing on powerful systems. the newly released gtx 1080 ti --the most powerful video card on the market--was the only

nvidia geforce gtx 1070 review

the gtx 1070 is two percent faster than the titan x here but both cards end up averaging around 16fps on the ultra-demanding benchmark which is unplayable on both setups. as a matter of fact

will and kate recreate one of diana's classic photos

agra uk -- the duke and duchess of cambridge invoked nostalgia saturday as they sat and smiled for photos on the same marble bench in front of the taj mahal where prince william's late mother

nvidia gtx 980 review

nvidia's $549 maxwell-powered gtx 980 might not be a generational leap in frame-pushing performance but it's certainly a generational leap in impressive power efficiency that happily bests the

asus zenbook 3 review: a windows cure for your 12-inch

the good powerful core i7 processor in a slim portable package with an excellent touchpad. a helpful usb-c mini-dock is included. the bad the 12.5-inch display is locked at 1920x1080 resolution

best turntables you can buy from affordable to absolute

the fluance rt81 turntable's build quality is way above what i'd expect from an entry-level turntable. it puts the $289 u-turn orbit plus and $449 rega rp1 turntables to shame.

2019 ford ecosport review: better late than never

then again this build combination results in a $28375 ecosport which is crazy. enlarge image the ecosport is a decent little suv but no way would i buy one over a honda hr-v hyundai kona kia

polk magnifi mini review: mighty mini sound bar

the good the affordable polk magnifi mini is capable of a much bigger sound than its minuscule size suggests. the package is compact and will fit easily into most living room setups.

dell xps 15 2019 review: a top choice for your work and

dell took what was arguably a best-in-class 15-inch windows notebook and made it even better. it retains the line's terrific screen build svelte design and full feature set boosting it

amd radeon rx 480 review

for my test bench im using the same system that i used to review nvidias geforce gtx 1080 and 1070 gpus. its a rig with an intel core i7-5930k haswell-e cpu clocked at 3.9ghz coupled

lincoln reviews news pictures and video

it includes power-deployed running boards a rear-view camera dual-zone climate control memory seating thx surround sound heated and cooled front seats and power-folding third-row bench seat

samsung galaxy note 4 review: this android phablet rules

samsung's ultra hd powerhouse takes on the iphone 6 plus and lg g3 with some of industry's most competitive specs and a certain little tool you can't find anywhere else.