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tony hawk's pro skater 4 faq/walkthrough for game boy

get out of the pool and go up the slope to the right of the pool. aim yourself to the right and get on to the roof. grind the 'sneak out' gap wire the wire that leads south to obtain the 'e'. collect c-o-m-b-o in one line advanced start out by going up the quarter pipe by the sewer. slant to the left and grind the wall to ge th 'c'. near the curve ollie off and get the 'o' and manual. now

riddle of the sphinx: an egyptian adventure walkthrough

matching the symbols found on the wheels in the pool room adjust the floats until the matching number of balls are above the red section for each of the 6. v shape = 4 balls offering s = 3 balls water vase = 2 balls alter = 0 balls urn = 5 balls 3 ball = 1 ball with the 6 floats correctly positioned return to the pool room. move around to the rungs and climb down into the empty pool. on the

paper mario: the thouknd-year door walkthrough

ground pound: as mentioned yoshi can attempt to use his wings to fly above enemies and enact a little pounding punishment. this is considered to be a jumping attack so he will take damage if an

syphon filter: logan's shadow hidden evidence list for psp

after the above evidence 3 rise out of the water get a breather and use your edsu goggles. dive back and look for gratings. shoot the mines that surround the gratings and continue to the next pool room. rise up and get the hidden evidence that is lying next to the machinery/rpk weapon box. ----- episode 6 - part 3 - disintegration ep63 ----- 1. after you open the door with the computer

manhunt 2 spoiler-free walkthrough for psp by mr. v

duck behind the pool table and open fire on the 4 inmates in this room. when you're finished be sure to grab their smgs and go to the end of the room and turn right. in this small room there is a locked door on the left side; the crowbar you need to open it is in a chest to the right make sure you get your gun before you leave . move forward quickly into the room and blast the guy in front

daxter precursor orb guide for psp by linorn

you should see a tree with purple bits near it and an orb floating after the purple bits: 1/25 drive off there ----- bry brewery 50 ----- 1/1 on climbable netting above door 2/3 hover onto fan then to area above the bar 3/6 smash cabinets behind the bar 1/7 behind barrel 1/8 smash glasses on 2nd shelf on the right 1/9 floating above boxes near wine rack to

castlevania: the dracula x chronicles faq/walkthrough for

there is a skeleton ape above that carries a barrel so try to be careful because he will throw that at you. if you want you can just wait for him to reach the other end of the platform he will drop down below after throwing the barrel onto nowhere. if you press up on the signpost it will read "aljiba" which is just a small reference from castlevania ii on the nes/famicom indicating that

syphon filter: logan's shadow faq for psp by ivory soul

it's near the ramp base in the first pool. --end of level-- 7.1.1 --episode 1 part 1 'pirates of somalia'-- you will start out in a helicopter mounted on a machine gun. you will circle around the ship's deck and you have to destroy the four missile launchers. they are in the middle and they aren't easy to miss. after you destroy them rpg will come out. take them out before they blow up the