cheapest way to deck a pontoon

max payne 3 faq/walkthrough for playstation 3 by if you take cover outside at the rear of the deck behind the chairs the level above shields you from most of the shots so this is probably the safest way of killing these guys. the next section is god-awful and there is no checkpoint which is the cherry on the shit sundae. you will have to kill six enemies who are spread out on the deck above while you try to aim while moving on stairs. now i

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dragon quest v: hand of the heavenly bride finally : return to the deck and the ship will dock. ----- items : seed of resilience medicinal herb x4 t'n't ticket x2 ----- choose your hero's name and then watch the introductory scenes until you finally gain control of hero child . talk to pankraz and then start your 'raid the ship' mission. there is a seed of resilience in the left hand chest and a medicinal herb in the right. the

call of duty: black ops faq/walkthrough for playstation 3 then if you'd like shoot one at the other pontoon to your right. a bunch of vc swarm in after the chopper the one from the defector mission including on at the window of the house in front of you and some rpg guys to the right of that. from the back of the boat turn around and go up the stairs on the porch and handle these guys accordingly. move up and shoot the vc inside the hut at the

conan faq/walkthrough for xbox 360 by mister sinister > first clear out the pontoon - there is a buxom beauty together with a green urn and a blue urn at the far end of the pontoon. once the pontoon is clear head onto the boat. the way to sink the warship is by igniting the bundles of cargo 1 on the main deck 2 in the hold below with torches from the wall-brackets or by using your rain of fire spell although this is a bit of a waste

metal gear solid 2: sons of liberty game script for he falls a little bit further and when he is close enough he releases his line and falls to the deck of the ship. he lands hard. his optic camouflage fizzles out of operation with a dazzling display of electric currents. slowly snake gets up and surveys the bridge he had leaped off of just a few seconds ago. far in the distance a solitary helicopter hovers. inside is a man dressed in

metal gear solid 2: substance game script for pc by dark otacon: if the deck is sealed off they have no way of knowing that the ships been taken over. snake: im not interested in fighting these guys. the weapons wont do me much good here. otacon: can you see metal gear? snake: no. ill have to go around to the bow. they have some serious defenses here. i doubt the recent arrivals want to blast their way through the marines either. otacon

metal gear solid 2: sons of liberty hd edition faq now that that's out of the way everything should be in tip-top shape as far as the differences between the us and pal versions are concerned. how you say? why i've created a new section of course. it's listed as "us-to-pal changes" found under the appendices chapter. i've also went over certain sections of the guide and edited stuff. ya know like stuff. major thanks to manwards and a

far cry walkthrough the rivers blocked up ahead by a pontoon bridge; you wont be able to take your boat any further but you can use it to kill off the bridges defenders. after destroying everything that

legend of kay faq/walkthrough for playstation 2 by this way if one file is ruined by a bug you can load up another file without backtracking too much in the game. finally i hope you find this guide useful and enjoy playing legend of kay as much as i have these past years. best of luck *** appeal for feedback *** please e-mail your feedback on the guide to the address in the "contact" section. letting me know what you liked about the guide

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far cry 3: classic edition faq/walkthrough for xbox one by now i was unable to find a stealthy way into the cabin as no matter what i did either jason or a body was spotted due to the large number of enemies on the deck. climb up the ladder on the east side of the ship. turn left and climb the stairs. take down the sniper at the top. silently take down the remaining two enemies on the upper area. at the back of the deck shoot the three guys here. by