waterproof board made from recycled plastic material uk

paper nano-sim cards will help telcos go green while the actual cards themselves are made of recyclable abs plastic and metal the contact points the card's holder is actually made from 100 percent fiber paper. this material is far easier to

new kindle paperwhite arrives on nov. 7 for $130 with it doesn't have the raised bezel of its predecessor and instead has a "flush-front" design with a back made of a softer grippy material instead of hard plastic. enlarge image the old kindle

voltaic review: voltaic the good the voltaic backpack's water-resistant shell is made of recycled soda the taiwan factory that spins the bags' pet fabric from discarded plastic soda bottles now also supplies fabric

here's what to do when your cat pees on your stuff pro tip: if your cat has an issue with using your bed as a giant litter box invest in a fabric waterproof mattress cover the plastic ones are super uncomfortable and hot . it will save your

your smartphone's secret afterlife smartphones unlocked nickel steel glass and plastic materials are still valuable either whole or melted down and turned into something else. resources: sell or donate your cell phone

preserve kitchen offers bright eco-friendly choices from simple beginnings in 1996 and with a toothbrush made from recycled plastic preserve has grown and expanded into the kitchen. currently beyond tableware and personal care items such as

simpletech re drive review: simpletech re drive remove the simpletech re drive from its packaging and you'll find that its casing is made of renewable and recycled materials. the top and bottom sides of the device are two pieces of bamboo that

best new iphone cases of ces 2019 pictures evutec s series cork cases. evutec makes some interesting cases made out of interesting materials including wood carbon fiber kevlar and now recycled cork.

killing the oyster pack winterborne's enviroshell packaging mixes a recycled-plastic blister with cardboard of more than two-thirds recycled material and soy-based inks. the board and plastic aren't fused together

incredible shrinking kitchen gadgets tiny microwaves and espresso makers as well as many "green" tools are among the new kitchen gadgets on the market this year.