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grand theft auto: vice city stories faq/walkthrough for *i just learned that you can jump right off the balcony and save yourself a lot of trouble at least on the ps2 version. head back from whence you came and you'll find the first package in the hallway leading to the aforementioned dead end. as you head back up the stairs there'll be two guys waiting for you to shred. now explore the boat and thoroughly shred anyone who gets in the way

goldeneye 007 faq/walkthrough for nintendo 64 by irogers run on deck brandishing your silenced d5k. this is the only gun i recommend using for this level. for some reason bond only took 20 bullets on this mission so you'll have to conserve ammo early in the mission. anyway run on deck and up the left set of stairs. once inside run all the way to the left wall. go forward hiding behind the little piece of wall. there is a janus marine on the

tom clancy's rainbow six: lockdown faq/walkthrough for tom clancy's rainbow six: lockdown guide gamecube by keeperbvk aka burkhart von klitzing keeperbvk dedication: i dedicate this work to my beloved dad who passed away on the 07/13/2005.

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star ocean: the last hope faq/walkthrough follow the hallway north and then go east when you can and open the chest on the balcony to get skill manual "auto healing" . return to the hallway and enter the north-most west room; open the chest in the northwest corner of the room for skill manual "chain combos" . go back through the hallway and take the stairs down to the lower area. hug the east wall of the lower area to find a chest

final fantasy v faq/walkthrough for pc by djibriel the final fantasy v advance walkthrough and battle tactics guide version 1.3 djibriel october 2019 "the first system dealt with is known as the godai or 'five great elemental manifestations.'

skies of arcadia legends hull ram special red-tile // turn attack can do upwards of 8000 damage but is automatically // avoided if the delphinus' spd has been boosted by quika/speed wax. // a successful evasion is the only way to open up a moonstone cannon // opportunity so even though the fight's not too difficult thanks to / the delphinus' high hp there's always the time-saving factor. don who's watching

mass effect 2 faq/walkthrough for playstation 3 by shoot the loose tile when you land to stabalise the ship a little bit so you don't crash the ship and it will form a bridge for the immediate lower region which contains some resources for you to collect. move on ahead and this is a strhtforward path so you will need to do some obstacle jumping and moving around but this is a strhtforward mission all you need to do is to get to the

paper mario: the thouknd-year door mario series luigi must trick boolossus the third boss in luigi's mansion into popping itself on the horn of one of the unicorn statues on the balcony. doing so will cause boolossus to divide into its smaller members whom luigi can freeze with ice and suck into the poltergust 3000. ===== boom-boom new occupation: fortress foe only appearance: super mario bros. 3 1990 basically boom-boom is the

star wars jedi knight ii: jedi outcast faq/walkthrough for find the streetlamp outside the room and jump on it and leap from there to the ledge from which you can cl into a balcony overlooking the crowded area. shut the lights off with the blue panel and cl off the ledge and through the room. when you reach the door let it close behind you before saving your game and whipping out your saber. through the next door is a reborn and two officers

dragon quest v: tenkuu no hanayome faq/walkthrough for the first thing you should notice are different looking tiles on the floor these tiles if you step on them will send you down to the floor below. from the stairs you came down you will notice a chest to the north in that chest is a mimic so go and kill it if you want a small medal . again from the stairs you came down if you go east you will soon see another chest and in it is the king

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